Effective and Customised Solutions for the Reduction of Odour and Fine Dust

All about us - Udo Oeler Umweltconsulting

More than 15 years of experiences

Udo Oeler started his business on systems for odour reduction in 1995. After some years as employee he decided to offer services via his own company and founded in the year 2008 the “Udo Oeler Environmental Consulting” offering advisory services, development and sale.


The individual problem solving and customised integration is our top priority

All about us - Udo Oeler Umweltconsulting The technical education in the former German Democratic Republic was an exellent precondition for this field of activities. The socialist economy required a high talent of improvising things in order to solve a problem despite of not available equipment and technology. The same challenges are required to cope with odour reduction. To go further in existing systems, individual adjustment of problems arising on site, integration in the existing plant and special technical development requires the same creativity for solving such problems successfully and individually.
Hereby we are The individual problem solving and customised integration is our top priorityfocussing on functional and simple solutions.

We are confident in our products and solutions

We are offering a rent-before-buy option of our products. This means the customer can test the Oeler system and its operation via a rental contract for some time. If all meet his needs he can purchase the device and the rental fee will be credited.


Numerous references prove the system efficiency Oeler system

20 different application areas and over 100 pleased customers – mainly in Scandinavia and Germany – prove the success of the technical solutions and odour and fine dust reducing means.





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