Effective and Customised Solutions for the Reduction of Odour and Fine Dust


The following special odour and fine dust problems could be solved successfully:

  • Increase of the down time and effectiveness of area biofilters in composting and biogas plants (Sweden)
  • Avoidance of the spreading of odours at inversion layers in compost/biogas plants and landfills (Sweden)
  • Odour reduction with mobile spraying systems at the turning of compost windrows (Sweden and Germany)

Customers’ references:

  • VAFAB, Västeras, Sweden
  • Boliden Mineral AB, Skeleftehamn, Sweden
  • Westin Bus Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jönköping Biogas-Energi, Sweden
  • Jönköping Reningsverk, Sweden
  • Affärs Verken Karlskrona AB, Sweden
  • Ragn Sells, Vänersborg und Högbytorp, Sweden
  • Hässleholm Miliö AB, Sweden
  • Tekniska Verken I Kiruna AB, Sweden
  • Freudenberg, Norrköping, Sweden
  • Tekniska Verken, Köping, Sweden
  • NSR, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Sunderbyn avfallsanläggning, Lulea, Sweden
  • Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy, Tampere, Finland
  • NEW! Westenergi OY AB, Residual Waste Incineration, Vaasa, Finland 
  • NEW! AB Ekorosk Oy, Municipal Waste Management Association, Jakobstad. Finland
  • IRS Iterkommunalt Renovasiijonsselkap, Fleckefjord, Norway
  • ABG Rosenow, Germany

Further references and details on the techncial solutions by request


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