Effective and Customised Solutions for the Reduction of Odour and Fine Dust

Pro Odeur plus – Odour absorber with biological degradation properties and

additional efficiency-increasing microorganisms

ProOdeurPlusProduct information:

Main areas for utilisation are locations and processes where annoying odours arise. Like e.g., in composting plants: during turning of windrows, comminution of grass, leaves and fruit, when handling the biobin, in the neighbourhood of compost treatment halls and intensive decomposition.

Further fields of application are:

  • transporting household wastes
  • in the acceptance area and other exposed areas of landfills accepting household wastes
  • in the range of waste sorting plants, sewage plants with activated sludge processes, treatment and disposal of sewage sludge
  • in other facilities (acceptance areas, transport area) e.g. carcass disposal plants and others.
  • Exhaust air of fermenters

The product consists of both physical / chemical components, masking the odour molecules (reversibly fixed), and of a defined population of micro-organisms (3 to 12 KbE/ml of bacillus subtiles, B. amyloliquifaciens), which can be allocated to risk group 1 and are not pathogenic for humans and animals. The micro-organisms degrade the fixed pollutant molecules to CO2 and water.


The product is diluted with water according to the utilization factor by 1:1 000 and more and distributed as a fine mist with a spraying device over the exposed area or material. The spraying technique is adjusted and developed especially on behalf of the odour and dust problems to be solved.
The utilization of Pro-Odeur is harmless for humans and animals.
A simultaneous application of disinfecting and bacteriostatic agents should be avoided.

Product (concentration) shake well before using.


Micro-organisms of risk group 1, not ionic and anionic tensides, scents.
Registered at the Federal Environmental Agency (Germany):        5669 0004

Download Pro Odeur plus – Safety Data Sheet (pdf) here 


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