Effective and Customised Solutions for the Reduction of Odour and Fine Dust

Bio Sanitary Cleaner

LIPOEX ® - TOI - the bio sanitary Cleaner

Lipoex – toi is a product effective at uses in portable toilets in buses-airplanes-trains by highly active degrading bacteria cultures and fast acting enzymes without use of formaldehyde or other strong chemicals.

Lipoex – toi is not dangerous for human, animals and environment without toxic properties, it even works with use of water.

Lipoex – toi is bio-degradable and can be forwarded to sewage plants for treatment like normal toilet water.

In order to achieve 100 % efficiency Lipoex – toi must not be mixed with bleaching agents, strongly acid alcalic products or disinfection agents.

The product is certified by the Federal Aagency for Environment (Germany)
with the following certification number: 2454

Download Lipoex – Product documents - Safety sheet (pdf) here. 


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